• View from the panoramic terrace

    It is a popular view spot where you can see the ground painting of the large flower bed, the circular flower bed, the tulip tower, etc. On sunny days, you can also see the Tateyama mountain range.

  • Geoglyph of a large flowerbed

    This is the main flowerbed of the tulip fair. A geoglyph will be drawn using 210,000 tulips of 15 varieties. The geoglyphs can be viewed from the Tulip Tower, the panorama terrace on the roof of the Bunka Kaikan, and the Tulip Skywalk.

  • circular flower bed

    A flower bed characterized by a large tulip monument in the center. It is a very popular photo spot where 37,000 colorful tulips of 12 varieties are in full bloom. From viewing spots such as the Tulip Tower and Panorama Terrace, you can also enjoy the shrubbery designs drawn on the flower beds.

  • Flower Otani first half of the session

    A 4m high tulip corridor will be installed in the image of the ``Snowy Great Valley'' of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a scenic spot representative of Toyama Prefecture. During the first half of the event, white tulips will be used to create an image of a wall of snow.

  • Valley of Flowers

    A tulip corridor with a height of 4m will be installed in the image of "Yuki no Otani" on the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, which is a scenic spot representing Toyama Prefecture. In the first half, we will focus on the arrival of spring with white colors, and in the second half, we will use colorful tulips to create a full bloom of spring.

  • I Love Flowerbeds

  • Tulip farm

    The venue will be a tulip producer's field in Tonami city. During the fair period, there will be 4 trips a day on the Tulip Farm, which will take you around each field (about 1 hour). *It may have ended depending on the flower situation.

  • tulip tower

    The symbol tower of Tulip Park. From the observation space with a height of 13m, you can see the ground painting of the large flower bed and the garden.

  • Tulip square flower bed

    There are three flower beds near the tulip plaza (in front of the tulip stage) where you can enjoy varieties that bloom in different ways, such as flower beds with branch blooms and flower beds with only double blooms.

  • Komorebi Garden

    We create a ``healing'' space surrounded by tulips and muscari in the sunlight filtering through the trees.

  • Dutch Style Gaeden

    A flower bed that incorporates techniques seen in Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, such as double decker (two-tiered planting) and triple-decker (three-tiered planting). This is a flowerbed that has been creatively combined with flowers other than tulips and tulips that bloom at different times.

  • Shibazakura Hill/Viola Village

    It is a popular, colorful spot with gorgeous pink hills made of 15,000 moss phlox plants and viola trees.

  • Color garden

    We introduce 30,000 tulips of 300 varieties, mainly those produced in Toyama Prefecture. We have set up a walkway to enjoy the different colors and shapes, and you can feel the colors of tulips, the flower of Toyama Prefecture. In addition, you can reserve your favorite breed from the QR code posted on the introduction plate.

  • Floating Tulip

    This is a hydroponic flowerbed of tulips that was invented in Tonami. You can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of tulips floating on the surface of the water.

  • Suisha-en(Waterwheels)

    Colorful tulips decorate the area around Japan's largest quintuple pumping water wheel, and you can enjoy a nostalgic healing time with the quintuple and tulips.

  • Welcome display

    A display welcoming customers beyond the main gate (north gate). We will create a photo spot to commemorate your visit with decorations that express the symphony of the theme.

  • Tonami Tulip Gallery

    In addition to seeing the Shikisaikan's symbol ``Tulip Palace,'' you can also enjoy tulips of various flower shapes such as lilies and double flowers in the Wonder Garden. You can also see the tulip varieties presented to the Imperial Family in 2022 as part of the "Royal Collection."

  • Toyama Flower sogo centar

    Using musical instruments and animal decorations decorated with spring flowers such as tulips, muscari, and daisies, we create a fun atmosphere that will make you want to dance at any moment.

  • 『Dreaming tulip』Flowerbeds

    Individuals and groups in the city planted flowerbeds and planters of their choice. Please take a look at the works filled with the ideas of citizens unique to Tonami, the city of flowers.

  • Tulip Sajiki

    It is a box seat where you can sit and relax while looking at tulips. It will also be an area where you can eat what you purchased at the adjacent restaurant.

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