• New item! Tulip/Shogawa Cherry Blossom Cooling Glass2,200 yen each, 4,000 yen for a set of 2

    Tulip/Shogawa cherry blossom cooling glass

  • tulip pattern plate¥350 ¥1000 for a set of 3

  • spatial fragrance mist1980 yen each

    There are three types: Tulip Bouquet, Tulip Ballerina, and Tulip Palace. Find your favorite scent!

  • Tonami specialty “Daimon somen”

    Sold next to the circular flower bed

  • Special products of Toyama and Tonami

    Sold next to the circular flower bed

  • Bulb reservations and potted plant sales

    Sold next to the circular flower bed

  • Various flower seedlings

    Sold at Tonami Flower Market in front of Shikisaikan

  • Various flower pots

    Sold at Tonami Flower Market in front of Shikisaikan

  • petal dyed scarf¥2,200~

    Scarves and stoles dyed with tulip petals.

  • 2FACE multi coaster, fiddling stick¥2,640、¥1,100

    A new type of craft that bends with a "squiggly" motion. Traditional crafts made from Toyama tin and Gokayama washi paper.

  • Tonami Tulip Kumiko¥1,870

    Traditional woodworkers from Tonami Sankyo Village have painstakingly created tulips from Tonami City using various techniques such as wearing, carving, splitting, sawing, bending, and assembling, making this a masterpiece. Each piece of wood is put together with our thoughts and feelings toward the deep connections we have with everyone. “Tonami Tulip Kumiko” is a new kind of wood craft. Think of tulip flowers and enjoy them as a relaxing item for your interior. 100% Japanese Hinoki

  • Flower base [2 pieces]¥1,320

    A vinyl vase. It is foldable so it is convenient for storage.

  • heart sachet¥495

    You can enjoy the subtle scent. Please use it in your room, entrance, or toilet!

  • Stained glass¥1,100~

    There are many other shapes besides tulips.

  • tulip quilt products¥495~

    There are various handmade quilt goods made in Tonami. The gentle texture of the quilt will warm your heart.

  • tulip brooch¥540

    A pink and white tulip brooch that goes well with any outfit!

  • tulip pin batch 2¥500

    A pin badge with two red and yellow tulips. It looks like a bouquet with two tulips.

  • tulip pin batch 1¥400

    There are three colors: red, pink, and yellow. Perfect for jacket accessories!

  • Turkish mini bowl¥1,200

    A small bowl with a cute tulip picture that can also be used to store small items.

  • Turkish scarves and stoles¥3,500

    It looks like a tulip. A wide variety of colors and patterns are available.

  • Turkish cushion¥3,900

    This cushion features a tulip design that is popular in Turkey, the country of origin of tulips. Made in Türkiye.

  • Turkish trivet¥2,500

    In 1989, Yalova City, the flower town of the Republic of Turkey, where tulips originate, and Tonami City signed a sister-friendship relationship. We also have Turkish-made accessory cases, glasses, scarves, cushion covers, and more.

  • Chuuri-kun Lip-chan stuffed toyLarge ¥2,200, small ¥800

    This is the symbol character of Tonami City.

  • tulip bearLarge ¥3,080 Small ¥1,870

    A cute local bear whose color scheme is inspired by tulips.

  • Tonamin tote bag¥1,300

    This is a design limited to Tonami City.

  • tulip aroma candle¥440

    A candle with gentle colors and a pleasant scent.

  • original pot¥150、¥120

    This pot is designed with cute Chuuri-kun and Rip-chan, the symbolic characters of Tonami City.

  • rattan tulip¥500

    A bouquet of tulips made from rattan.

  • Tulip toothbrush¥330

    A cute toothbrush with a tulip cap. It stands up with a suction cup, so use the toothbrushes of the whole family to make beautiful tulips bloom on the sink.

  • Mug with BOX¥1,320

    This mug has a popular tulip pattern. Also recommended as a morning cup.

  • Tulip masking tape¥132、¥286、¥440

    Masking tape with a cute tulip pattern. There are many kinds.

  • Tissue pouch¥1,320

    It's a great item that doubles as a pocket tissue case and an accessory case.

  • Tulip tower towel handkerchief, Toyama dialect handkerchief¥500

    A towel handkerchief with the tulip tower design and a handkerchief with the Toyama dialect printed on it. Enjoy Toyama dialect!

  • Soft gauze tenugui¥660

    A gauze tenugui with a tulip pattern.

  • town girl handkerchief¥550

    A gauze handkerchief printed with tulips and seasonal flowers. Colorful colors are popular.

  • tulip glass¥600

    The round shape resembles a tulip.

  • Various sweets boxes¥600~

    Sweets such as Japanese sweets and cookies are perfect as souvenirs!

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